Guy Snover


Yet another bearded white dude making things, but I earnestly strive for beauty and do my best to question what it is, how it happens, and it's duration. 



My current project:

Biens Communs 3D

(Common Goods 3D) 


My background in sculpture and digital design is culminating in the design of housewares and furniture. A main focus of BC3D is using 3D printing to make finished products. Like many of my DIY hipster contemporaries I like to dismantle the process and start from scratch for myself, but I have no overbearing nostalgia for the "handcrafted". As for "local", that is just the responisble thing to do in our era of climate change and globalization. Through customization of the 3D printer and software I work towards a printed product with highly considered material and formal qualities - an object imbued with as much richness and physicality as heirloom furniture. 

LAtest Feed


Living in Montréal, Québec with my beautiful wife Jessica and our best friend Wedge

On the board of the Digital Stone Project. Come carve stone with us! 

Made this crazy sculpture once. Go visit Franconia Sculpture Park! 

Worked on this amazing building with CASE Inc. 

Studied at Bennington College (Sculpture) and Stevens Institute (Digital Design)

I have had the priviledge of great mentors. Without their guidance and support I would not be this me. I like this me. Thanks: Jon Isherwood, John Umphlett, John Hock, and John Nastasi.  All Johns, weird right?

Lastly, I have really great friends who continue to inspire me and a loving family.